Head of Department

Gábor Veres

Tel: +36 1 392 2758

Fax: +36 1 392 2598

e-mail: veres.gabor@ek-cer.hu

The Fusion Technology Department seeks solutions to technology related issues that emerge during controlled nuclear fusion research. Our most important activity areas are connected to offering engineering services for large research infrastructures, such as ITER, DEMO and IFMIF- DONES. These include all kinds of services from systems engineering through detailed design to prototype manufacturing and testing, up-to the installation of the final product.

Beside our own projects, we deliver auxiliary engineering services to the Fusion Plasma Physics Department and other departments of the research centre.

Activities and Competencies:

  • Engineering design development (CATIA)
  • Finite element analysis (ANSYS)
  • Manufacturing, testing, commissioning
  • Systems engineering
  • PLM systems (3DExperience, Enovia)

Key Reference works:

  • Development and testing of the in-vessel diagnostics electronic infrastructure for ITER
  • Development of ITER bolometry cameras
  • Development of tritium breeder modules for ITER and DEMO
  • Development, manufacturing and testing of plasma diagnostics systems

The colleagues of the department

Gábor Veres – Head of department

Tétény Baross

Jenő Kádi

József Németh

Miklós Palánkai

László Poszovecz

Gábor Tari