A mobile laboratory as a common property with the Environmental Protection Service belongs also to the Nuclear Forensic Laboratory, having a 24/7 preparedness service, thus standing as a mobile expert support team to help authorities to respond unexpected nuclear security events, like a radiological crime scene. The mobile laboratory is equipped with various hand-held detectors, high sensitivity remote-controlled detector-system, on-line dose-mapping system, in-situ gamma spectrometer (HPGe), and expertise of nuclear physicists/measurements. Development of an exploratory robot and drone is going on currently at the NSD for enhancing remote sensing and measurement capabilities.

Phone numbers for 24/7 preparedness service: 06-20-252-0331, 06-30-318-3048

The mobile expert support team for an typical nuclear security event is 5 persons in general (1 searching coordinator, 1 clean person to help the team inside (surface contamination measurement and ensuring radiation protection), a documenter person for making photography and documentation, and 2 for instrumental search. Full MEST consists of 12 persons, who can be mobilized and deputized as well. The expert team possesses suitable personal protective equipments (e.g. TyChem and Tyvek cloths, radio-communication gas masks, telescopic measurement systems, etc.), various different type of hand-held detectors, in-situ gamma spectrometers (HPGe), nuclear physicists’ and measurement experiences. Their activity is under regulation by standard operating procedures.

The most recently related area is radiological crime scene management. Together with the Criminal Technical Department of the National Bureau of Investigation of the Hungarian Police, in a project financed by the Home Security Fund, a common operating procedure have been developed for investigation of a crime scene contaminated or containing radiological materials (project number is: BBA-5.3.3 / 3-2017-00010).

The activities of the mobile team are instructed for international training courses, as well as special demonstration programs are given.