Head of Department

Zoltán Imre Dudás

Tel: +(36-1)-392 2222 / 1849 

E-mail: dudas.zoltan.imre@ek-cer.hu

The main research directions of the Neutron Spectroscopy Department:

  1. Thematic basic and applied research: investigation of the micro- and nanostructural properties and of the dynamics of condensed systems (solid and liquid materials), utilizing the neutron spectroscopic measuring stations operated by the Department; application of various other type of complementary methods. The research topics are mainly related to tasks for tenders, theses and doctoral dissertations or their realization is prompted by individual research ambitions. Our most interesting, currently running topics are: the structural study of hybrid aerogels and xerogels, the study of the material structure of artificial photosynthesis, the nanostructural study of biocompatible and traditional ceramics, complex liquids and industrial steels.
  2. Operation and development of neutron spectroscopic instruments at the Budapest Neutron Centre and in international research infrastructures where Hungary is a partner (ESS Lund). Providing research and development services at a European level for domestic and foreign users in multidisciplinary topics.
  3. Research and development of neutron research methods and tools for both domestic application and international utilization in research collaborations and in marketing through technology transfer.

A more detailed presentation of the instruments operating at the Budapest Neutron Centre is available at: https://www.bnc.hu/?q=instruments

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The colleagues of the department

Zoltán Imre Dudás – Head of department

László Almásy

Katalin Bajnok

László Bottyán

Laura Draskovits

Bence Fehér

John Gait

Irina Gladkih

Viktor Heirich

Hedvig Jung

György Káli

Péter Gábor Kárpáti

Zoltán László

Adél Len

Márton Markó

Dániel Géza Merkel

Viktor Mészáros

Júlia Mónok

László Riecsánszky

Zsolt Rithnovszky

László Rosta

Alex Szakál

Gyula Török

Renáta Ünnep

Tamás Veres

Tibor Zsíros