Quality assurance in radiation processing technologies (sterilization of medical devices, production of new, improved quality materials for medical and industrial use, food irradiation, environmental protection applications) is basically maintained by using various dosimetry methods based on international standards (e.g. ISO/ASTM). The continuous improvement of these solid and liquid phase dosimetry systems is of primary importance and EK has its own role in this field. These R&D activities, carried out at the Nuclear Security Department of EK include the improvement of the capabilities of these chemical and physical dosimetry methods (e.g. ethanol-chlorobenzene solution, radiochromic films, osl based dosimeters) and the development of new methods helping new requirements (dosimetry of pulsed radiation fields, measurement of low doses (1 gy – 1 kGy) and systems capable of dose measurements at low temperatures in gamma and electron radiation fields).

Further tasks of EK (SBL) include the technical support of the Hungarian pilot and industrial irradiation facilities by helping their participation at international dosimetry intercomparison exercises (International Atomic Energy Agency, Regional Programs, e.g. RER1021).